Pretty Me is the debut novel by the Young Adult writer, Develyn. Pretty Me  tells the story of two teen girls, Jazzmen and Neah who embark on a journey to have the most amazing senior year ever all while trying to stay focused in school, graduate with honors and attend college. But all didn't happen as they planned and one event after another came crashing down upon them which caused them to have to rethink everything that once defined them. Through the situations with boyfriends, low self-esteem and an unexpected pregnancy, they ultimately learn to embrace the beauty they posse inside; which is their own unique, Pretty Me. (PUBLICATION DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON)

Develyn is a Young Adult writer, high school teacher and motivational speaker who described herself as being eclectic, elemental and positive. Born and raised in Sunny California, Develyn is a city girl who knew that writing would be her purpose and her platform to make a difference. Since her early beginnings in adolescence, she sought to write her way to a positive self-esteem and a pure spirit and has worked to empower and uplift teen girls with a message of comfort, acceptance and positive self esteem/body image. 

The Pretty Me Penthouse is a place where girls THRIVE! Designed to be a fun, safe and uplifting site, our penthouse is a comfortable and welcoming space that girls can claim as their own. Free from any and all negative beliefs, value systems, images, thoughts and phrases, The Pretty Me Penthouse provides the motivation and support for girls to live out their dreams, discover their own unique beauty and live in a healthy space that was made just for them.

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