Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lift! Build! Educate! Action!

As I watched and learned more about the Trayvon Martin Case, I asked myself; what is the message for our young girls and younger ladies? What can we learn from this trial and from the violence that is plaguing our communities and killing our African American males? More importantly, what can we do to make a difference in our communities and impact our future for the better? Immediately, the words: LIFT, BUILD, EDUCATE and ACTION came to mind.

It's easy to have a opinion about what we see taking place in our schools, communities and the judicial system. Protests, riots, angry citizens divided, growing bigotry, inhuman humanity and racial division is what I continually hear about through the media. But I refuse to believe that those negative actions and attitudes are all that we have happening around us.

I believe that the young people of today are being inspired to take action. Our generation is being forced to get involved and are becoming a part of the process to enact positive change. No longer can we allow the movements of Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Mahatma Gandhi, Cesar Chavez and a host of others to fire the fuel for progress. We've got to take action and stand united on the forefront for change NOW.

Injustice has taken on a new face. It's systematic now with injustice prevailing through our laws. So just because someone is not overtly calling you a derogatory name or restricting your access into a certain place doesn't mean that the fight is over and the playing field is even. Now, laws are being passed that will make it harder to vote, civil liberties that our forefathers fought for are being taken away with much of this happening right before our eyes --snatched up from under our noses. It is not the time for short-timed emotionalism or angered rants of non-productivity. It is time for powerful, tactful, systematic demonstrations for progress.

I think it's safe to say that as young ladies, we are not as discriminated against as our young boys. We don't have the heightened level of threat, anxiety and fear that others feel towards us just because of the color of our skin and our gender. But this doesn't mean that we are safe. Because the same laws and attitudes that are being used to see African American males and many others to their demise, can and might be used against us one day. I believe we have to stand in the gap and show support, understanding and commitment to our males. We have to help them make decisions that will keep them safe and support and protect them so that they can have the just deserved chance at a prosperous life. Don't we all deserve a chance?

The message is simple. As the young girls and younger ladies of our generation, we must LIFT up our males and BUILD up their greatest attributes. These are the attributes that can and will bring us together. Furthermore, nothing is more valuable than knowledge because once the mind is strong, action is the only solution. Gandhi said it best. "We have to become the change we want to see in the world." His words are often overused and devalued. But now is the time for serious revolution. Things have got to change. And if it doesn't start with them, it has to start with ME......and hopefully YOU. Let's make a difference and show this world what we can do, together.

Together we stand,