Monday, June 3, 2013


Life experiences, trials that come to test us, situations that make us have to be quiet long enough to figure out
our next step,
our next decision,
or our next word to say
are some of the situations that takes place when life begins to peel back the layers.  The experience can be likened to a person’s skin peeling. At first, peeling skin looks irritated, scaly, dry, cracked and abandoned. It might hurt, or be sensitive to touch or burn. That’s metaphorically peeling off the first layer. It requires a lot of attention. Sensitive care and intentional decisions. You might have to cry or be in a state of confusion for a while. This is the stage when people usually cry out, “why me,” and want to give into defeat rather than staying strong. BUT DON'T GIVE UP!

 In time new skin begins to break through. It’s soft, tender and not yet ready to be revealed. This is like the second layer. During this time the attitude can be like, “Okay, things are looking up for me. I see the sun breaking through the clouds. But it’s not the time to let down your guards and celebrate just yet. Careful attention is still needed. You have to remain steadfast, focus and disciplined. The same things that you were doing at stage one must be continued except with further planning. Now it time to think about the plan further, stretched out . What do you need to do different? Have you learned the lessons in stage one? Are you taking care of your soul more carefully, cautiously and contently?

 Finally, the big reveal comes and new skin breaks through. It looks effervescent, strong, and beautiful. It represents the real you and leaves no traces of the process you had to endure, no matter how difficult the circumstance. And then the 'aah ha' moment comes.The layers, equivalent to the experiences we go through came for this moment, this purpose, this breakthrough in your life. The shine, the glory, the exposure of the greater you was what was behind those layers. Was it worth it?

Life happens in stages similar to this. Each situation, relationship, circumstance that we successfully overcome is a layer being peeled back in our lives. The shedding of these layers reveal a greater, more resplendent person inside.  If we take the time to understand the value in each lesson, the reward leads to a greater sense of self.

Too bad television doesn’t allow us to see strong women as they’re going through peelings. We either see them at the height of their success or at their fall down. But everyone, each one of us has layers that we will shed. It won't be a punishment, we can't be made to feel ugly and it certainly won't be recognized as odd, unusual or weird. Its seasonal, necessary and a healthy part of our maturity. So peel and let the old layers shed and be gone.YOU'RE GONNA SHINE REGARDLESS.....

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