Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Princess and a Queen

You don't have to live in a castle to be a princess or a queen
But when you carry yourself with the highest esteem
 and hold your head high no matter how things seem
There's no other choice than to give you the respect that's due
and honor the royalty that is within you

So be assured and allow nobody to change your mind
you were made to reign and yes, that makes you divine
you can dance, sing, live life and be free
No one else can determine your destiny

Each person is different and our journeys are not the same
it doesn't matter the process as long as we reign
So, design your crown and share your story
wear it proud as your testimony

Above all,
Find that place of inner glory and SHINE
a rare jewel, PRINCESS, QUEEN .....divine

1 comment:

  1. "You are a princess," I told my 4-year old daughter as I picked her up from school.

    "She's a real princess?" asked her classmate upon hearing our conversation.

    "Yes, and you are to," I replied with a smile.

    Her eyes widened and she looked a little startled. "Who, me?" she asked.

    I confirmed that of course she is a princess. I explained that she is special and there is no one like her. The slow smile she gave me made me feel like a true fairy godmother.

    Thank you Develyn for helping so many young girls recognize how precious they are, just the way they are!