Friday, February 15, 2013


I am so determined. I feed and fuel my faith daily with the promise of my purpose. I have not seen the manifestation of my dream, a book deal, a successful writing career, a professional and personable literary agent, but it's coming. I believe therefore I know I will receive. (Praise break!)

In the meantime, God has been sooooooooooo ooooooooo good. I spent some time soaking up the seasons, both literally and spiritually. I've learned to use a warm coat and layers during the winter and to let the leaves fall where they may in Autumn. Above all, I've gotten closer to God and closer to myself, which will only make me better when the my time comes.

I am so thankful for life and this opportunity. God has allowed me to grow, to grassroots my purpose, hone my writing, learn patience, trust, resilience and love. I have have to love the dark places. The places where there is no light. The places where it appears unsafe. The places were it seems like little movement. THOSE ARE THE PLACES WHERE I HAVE GROWN and learned to give more of myself to vulnerability and to faith, which has always secured me. I could go on and on. GOD has really been that good. But I'll end now and just say thank you... because I'm WALKING!!!!!