Saturday, November 17, 2012


Perspective. It's the vantage point from which you view a given situation. It's your mind frame, your thought process, your stability. Perspective can determine if you make it to the finish line. A negative, doubtful perspective can slow you down and make the task seem that more difficult. But a positive perspective will help you endure, finish the task and receive that which your striving for.

 Have you ever felt like giving up and then had to talk yourself into persisting? Or have you ever looked at your situation and felt like it was over, hopeless and dark but still had to keep believing in something positive? Having a positive perspective is easier said than done. It takes mental will power and A LOT of positive mind talks. During the toughest situations in life, a positive perspective is essential. Though it may not LOOK LIKE things are working out, believe that they are. Though it may not feel like your going to make it or get to where you need to be, you will. I guess it simply comes down to putting 100% into having a positive perspective.

 You're got to believe with all of the energy that you have inside of you and not give into doubt or negatively. It seems easier to give it all you've got and believe like you have nothing else to fall back on when you know that in this life we live we have to believe anyway. So be conscious that you're thoughts are positive and above the situation. See it already done and successful.

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