Thursday, October 25, 2012


That's the five letter word that came into my mind when I decided to write this post. I'd been delaying this entry waiting for the magic to happen. I had the moment visualized in my mind and knew exactly what I wanted my celebratory post to declare: 'TIME TO CELEBRATE!' I took an hiatus from blogging because I wanted my next post to share my good news of being picked up by an agent and on the road to novel publication.
But it has not happened yet. And I am still waiting. Are you? Can you relate to what it feels like to be waiting for your dream to materialize? I feel as if I've done the work, put in the time, learned the lesson, re-learned the lesson, made mistakes and mishaps along the way, kept on going, etc. etc. etc. and now..................... I'm just plain ole' ready.
Metaphorically, I've been at this stop for a while now. And every time I hear a engine roar or a bright light flash, I get up, put a big smile on my face and wait for my dream train to come and ride me into destiny. But it hasn't happened yet. I've only been in practice. Although I know it's coming, I sure can't wait for my ship to arrive. Cuz' I'm ReAdY. Plain and Simple.