Friday, May 4, 2012

Discipline-Do U Have It?

Do you have it? Can you make up in your mind to accomplish a certain goal and then discipline yourself to get into action? Do you have the discipline it requires to live out your dreams? Achieve your goals? Check off those tasks on your "to-do" list? Do you have the DISCIPLINE to DO U and not somebody else? BE U regardless of what other people say or think or LIVE LIFE out loud in your space of happiness.

I try to always exercise discipline, although most of the time I'm pushing myself and quieting those thoughts in my mind that tell me to sit down, stop, give it up, try another day, etc. etc. etc. Recently, I accepted the fact that nothing is going to come easy. If I want to achieve my goals and make it to the finish line, I am going to have to push, pull, crawl, walk, run, soar my way into success. Discipline myself into my destiny.........and stop just talking about it like the cartoon humorously illustrates. 

This cartoon is funny but true. So, let's not trick ourselves and play games with our purpose. Now is the time to make it happen and discipline will get you there.

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