Saturday, March 31, 2012


Life is quiet. Thoughts are still. Situations of what you want to happen replay themselves over and over again in your head. But on the outside, the world is cold. The environment is sterile. Flowers don't seem to be swaying with the breeze and you're wondering what the silence really means. Is it time to turn back? Try something new? Embrace a new reality? Let go of this one? Do something different, unexpected, altogether new? Redefine this simple, seamless, existence.
However, hope is on the horizon. Silence can be cool and stillness can be refreshing. It's all in your perspective. Once you understand that silence is a part of the process and an integral part of the cycle, it becomes easier to get through. I'm using my time of silence to do a mental spring cleaning. Getting rid of doubt, negative thinking, complaining, complacency. Filling my space with optimism, attainable goals, faith, you know those attributes our dreams are made of.
Most of all, I'm taking up the beauty in the simple things. The sweet melodies in the trees. The chirping of the birds, the freedom songs in the music, the whistling of the wind, the innocence of children's laughter, the twinkling of the stars. Even the predictable sounds in urban community can be cool. The horn from the white car every morning, the screeching of the brakes on the public bus, rap sounds (no matter how explicit) blaring from oversize car speakers. Dressing my boys in layered clothes and rain boots one day and shorts and flip flops the next. Its the simple things, right?
Nevertheless, spring is here. I'm taking notice of the colorful flowers blooming in every color of the rainbow and getting ready. Ready for my moment. My milestone. My ministry elevation. I'm inspired and moving forward because I know, we have to conquer the quiet to be able to appreciate the praise.
Author Dev B.

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