Friday, February 10, 2012

When No One's Looking

How do you act when no one's looking? Do you still give it your all? Do you dance, sing, work, try, persevere as hard as you would if someone was looking? Success comes when we do our best under any circumstances. Spotlight or no spotlight. Shining lights or darkness. A peeking eye of attention or no attention at ALL.
So, it is best to give it your ALL-ALL THE TIME, shoot for the stars regardless of whose looking, strive to reach the finish line and go forward with positive thinking .... at ALL times, even when you're tired, sad, or feel like giving up. Even when it doesn't seem like that thing you want to happen will come to pass. BELIEVE that it WILL happen for you. Your desires WILL be realized, Your DREAMS will become your reality, if you continue at it, even when you think no one's looking.

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