Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No Sweeter Name

What is in a name?
 A name is comprised of everything that embodies you. Your actions, attributes, personality, and character are all attached to your name. Now, we all know that there are negative names given to and spoken about people. But I'm not talking about those kinds of names. I'm talking about the name you were born with or the name you embrace with esteem.
So what does your name say to the world? I hope it says it all. All things positive, assuring and full of goodness. I hope you speak your name BOLDLY and PROUDLY with total confidence in yourself and in everything that represents YOU. Because your name is special. And you are special too, no matter what you've done or will do!
Featured in the video link is the recording artist, Cherubim. She is singing a christian song from her debut album, It's Time. Her music wraps you in the arms of love. As a mentor to many, she inspires people to, "look at yourself through the eyes of God where you'll see how great you really are. Because He saw you and said it was good."
We don't have to share the same religion to understand Good. Like the title of her CD, we must decide, It is Time. Time for us to know ourselves, love ourselves and cherish ourselves intimately... because deep down inside, we MUST believe that our name, like the name of God is sweet. No sweeter name....
Check out Cherubim at the link below 
Cherubim Singing No Sweeter Name

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