Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Do you have what it takes to make it? To win? Succeed? To reach your goal or the finish line? CAN you and WILL you persevere?

The dictionary defines persevering as; persisting in anything undertaken; maintaining a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continuing steadfastly. 

Included in the definition is the acceptance that there may be obstacles or really hard situations you will have to endure. But if you can and choose to continue steadfastly, you will reach your finish line and earn your well-deserved reward.

Stand up tall as you endure the process. And don't be held back, distracted or discouraged by the "haters" and/or "Nay-sayers." Know that you are putting in the time to receive something, A-MAZ-ING! SPECTACULAR! EXCLUSIVE TO WHAT YOU'VE BEEN WORKING FOR!

So, take a step back and enjoy the journey. Smell the roses and gaze into the sunshine. Realize that this moment, yes this very moment right now, is a place you must cross to reach your destiny. Smile beautiful girl..... because you are a rare and chosen young lady ....destined to kiss this life with your genius and rain love and so much goodness in your place of purpose. 
Persevere because....    You were made for this....

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  1. Wow...I love this....very true and I can relate to this passage at this point and time in my life, because if we preservere we will get far. Every word written on this blog has been in my heart and I know alot of people need confirmation or reminding of this. TO NEVER GIVE UP!!!! To keep pushing through life and appreciate all things in life and even through the hard times continue to smile because smilng just makes hard times alot easier and it makes you enjoy life more abundantly...But I enjoyed every word written in this blog, I will share this with others.... THANK YOU