Friday, December 2, 2011

The Meantime

What do you do when it seems like your life is stuck in the meantime? Or the start line? Or stuck in the middle? Or in a place where you can't find your way? Is it Dark right now in your life? Or quiet? Slow? Or Still? ...The meantime, maybe even called the in between time happens to us ALL.

The meantime is a place where you may start to feel unsure. It's a place where you know that life is happening and things are occurring but perhaps not fast enough, or as you thought they should. I've been there. Matter of fact, I'm feeling like I'm there right now. But I rest assured and remain confident in myself and in the positive seeds I've sown. I know that things will work out for me in a little while. I understand that all things happen in time, just like life does. The cycles may not always be honky dory and make me wanna stand up, jump around and wave my hands, but in the end, everything that happens, happens for my good.

I can endure the uneasiness of the meantime. And you can too. The same positive energy that flows through me flows in you. BELIEVE, RELAX and let the meantime flow..... Cuz, the next time to come around will be our time and we'll be celebrating U and ME...

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  1. wow- i totally agree. great blog dev b. keep them coming