Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In Honor of TRUTH

Truth needs no introduction. She is effortlessly attractive like the girl that enters the room with her head up high. Captivating. Not because she has on the latest named brands or has a shape to knock em' dead. But because she believes and she knows her value, her worth, her own self-proclaimed goodness.

The real. That's what Truth speaks. She doesn't pretend or try to keep up with imitation because she's long discovered that it doesn't fit HER. It doesn't work. It isn't right for the walk that she takes and the words that she speaks.

You've met Truth. I know you've seen her before. Truth is in all in us. It's that smile, the laugh, the presences in you  that captivates a room. Truth is beauty and love and so so so much more. Truth comes out when you understanding that you are who you are and nothing else is needed. Magnificent (smile) Truth is magnificent. Like you and I. Take a look in the mirror, you'll see.

Truth is all there is and ALL that we need in order to see, our Pretty ME. Thank God for my Truth and for the Truth in you.